Starshaped Press

The Ladies! triptych was created for Typeforce 11 in February 2020. The prints use type that is mostly 100 years old and could have been used to print pro- (or anti-) suffrage posters. The topics cover issues of everyday sexism that women still face: legitimate medical conditions chalked up to anxiety, paying higher taxes for necessary items like tampons, being reduced to your perceived feminine gender when described in your profession, losing bodily autonomy to an ideology not based in the realities most women face.
The text is written in homage to the sarcastic but truthful stylings of The Guerrilla Girls' 'The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist' and recognizes that men are so little affected by policies, taxes and lack of correct information that so greatly affect the day to day lives of women in the US.

Designer, Typesetter, Printer
Jennifer Farrell