An ‘inversion of Thai Latinized’, would be the best describe this bilingual typeface Huai. Huai is a typeface that stands in between handwritten and digital font. In between Thai script and Latin. In between Thai Latinized and conventional.

In Thai there are two different terminal styles, one is the Loop terminal which is an original form of Thai letters. Loopless is the other one, which has been developed to match up with Latin Sans serif. Many Thai letters in most of the Loopless fonts got so much influenced by the Latin (I would define this as Thai Latinized). so my curiosity would be, How it’s going to be like when Latin alphabets were influenced by those original Thai letterforms.

Huai, as I define as an ‘inversion of Thai Latinized’, got inspired by vernacular street signs in Bangkok. Huai Latin letters adopted the essence of Thai alphabets from the handwritten initiated by locals. And Thai letters of Huai not only remains the pioneer proportion and writing system but also allows the outcome of Huai Latin to influence back again.