Dansa Dansa

Promotional cards and flyers for the festival.
Promotional banners for the festival.
Tote and entrance bands for the festival.
Promotional card for the festival.
Subway advertisement for the festival.

Dansa, meaning “dance” in Dutch, is a fictional, international street festival celebrating the art of dance in Copenhagen. From the Tango, Hip Hop to Jazz, Dansa Dansa will light up The King’s New Square with music and moves from April 22nd through the 24th. This branding and identity system was created for the festival and promotional purposes across the city.

With this project, students were challenged to create visual elements for a fictional festival using the software Cinema 4D. Dansa Dansa’s dimensional characters were inspired by Scandinavian toys, art, and illustration.

Meredith Zerby
Kiel Mutschelknaus