Confronting Unjust Policing: A Primer for Systemic Reimagining

Isometric Studio

How do we make sense of the persistent pattern of unjust violence against Black Americans? How can we begin to situate police misconduct within America’s historical context? And how can we critically evaluate and creatively reimagine schools, police, courts, and prisons to ensure that every American can live a truly free life? Co-authored by Megan Wicks and Isometric Studio, this primer provides tangible steps to reimagine unjust systems from the ground up, examining and illustrating meaningful alternatives.

Partner and Co-author
Waqas Jawaid
Partner and Co-author
Andy Chen
Co-author and Principal Researcher
Megan Wicks
Co-author and Editor
Daniel He
Featured Artist
Jarrett Key
Design Director
Hannah Meng
Shantanu Sharma
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