Confluence Chicago

One Design Company

Collaborating with Chicago’s famed Merchandise Mart and BIFMA (the trade association for business and institutional furniture manufacturers), we developed a positioning strategy and brand system for Confluence Chicago™, a new programming track for NeoCon 2020 (now slated to 2021) focused on bringing together creative practitioners from across multiple modes of design.

“The creative process can be mysterious. But peek below the surface, and you’ll find universal truths that unite us all—unexpected lessons to be learned, unique perspectives to be shared, and novel approaches to be taken that could benefit us all. Confluence Chicago™ is a three-day creative summit that allows participants to connect across creative industries and design disciplines to discover, explore, and find inspiration in the common threads that unite our work.”

A vibrant, fresh, and contemporary design system was developed to attract and connect with a younger audience—pulling away from the corporate traditions of NeoCon’s past. A bespoke, modular typeface rounded out the system—embracing the concept of unification across multiple modes of creative practice to create surprising, unexpected results.

Design Lead
Stacey Donaldson
Nick Rissmeyer
Copywriter / Strategist
Nora Dyer
Director of Design and Strategy
David Sieren
Brian Hanson
Project Manager, Strategist
James Johnston
Mike McMillan
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Judges Choice: Pum Lefebure