Westport Library Environmental Graphic Program

Alexander Isley Inc.

View of the main room called "The Forum." We used the three-dot ellipsis motif throughout the building, including on this oversize custom clock. Twice a day all dots align. Hero Image: Installation shot of the entrance using custom extruded letters.
Donor recognition feature, designed to reference an oversized book. We incorporated thousands of names, organized with a typographical hierarchy and interspersed with messages and punctuation.
Alternate view of The Forum, showing custom "bookend" letterform structures that are used to delineate various spaces within the library.
Installation of the typographic entry vestibule. (We can't get this image to load vertically, so please tilt your head to the left to enjoy the full effect.)
The punctuation runs throughout the building, even in the bathrooms. (We thought this placement to be particularly appropriate.)


Environmental design for the fully renovated and newly-reimagined Westport (Connecticut) Library, designed by HMA2 Architects.

We took our inspiration from the library's logo that includes an ellipsis (...), suggesting that there there is more to come.

We developed interior graphics, signage, a clock, installations, and donor recognition material that are all built around elements of punctuation and simple printing techniques.

Creative Director
Alexander Isley
Shannon Stolting
Angela Chen-Wolf
HMA2 Architects