Triangle Square


The website design was built on a square grid using large negative space, simple typography, and seamlessly blends graphics with imagery.
Semi-transparent colored vinyl applied to the front of the sales gallery serves as a bold billboard and acts like stained glass filtering the light throughout the day.
Custom table fabricated by Might Make, serves as a centerpiece to the sales gallery and showing the location of Triangle Square within Bucktown.
Video highlighting the vibrant neighborhood surrounding Triangle Square.

Located at the intersection of Webster and Elston Avenues and overlooking the North Branch of the Chicago River, Triangle Square is home to condominiums, apartments, and retail shopping.

We named and designed the graphic identity for Triangle Square. The name takes inspiration from the development’s triangular shape and its location as the new neighborhood town square.

We then looked to the poster work of John Massey promoting Chicago's attractions for inspiration. The resulting palette of graphics and imagery is intended to feel lively and unexpected in a traditionally reserved condo market.

Design Direction
Rick Valicenti
Design Direction
Bud Rodecker
Suzie Shin
Video Animation
John Pobojewski
Video Animation
Leah Wendzinski
Table Production
Might Make