Quarterly Vol. 2 “Decades of Design”

frog design

This year, global design and strategy firm frog celebrates 50 years of design and innovation. For Vol. 2 of Quarterly, “Decades of Design,” our editorial team had current frog president Andy Zimmerman sit down with frog founder, Hartmut Esslinger and first CEO, Patricia Roller to discuss where we came from and where we’re going next. In the issue, we look back at projects and thought leadership that were cutting edge at the time and remain so today. A notion of orientation informed our editorial team’s concept of directionality, which is used throughout the frog50 identity to frame content using graphical elements. This concept of directionality also informed the movement of the numerical 50’s in the identity, looking backwards, forwards, and into the future.

frog design
Creative direction and identity
Megan Lynch
Editorial and content
Olivia Murphy
Megan Lynch, Raquel Kalil
Oscar Printing