Honolulu Biennial 2019

Stripe SF

Printed material for the Biennial: Exhibition Catalog (4 different cover variations), Keiki (children's) Workbook, and Biennial Guidebook.
Catalog Cover and Interior Spread
Biennial Event Fliers, Risograph printed for daily events
Environmental Graphics, Signage, Flags
Tote Bags

The Honolulu Biennial 2019 featured 47 artists and artist collectives from Hawai’i and the countries and continents linked by the Pacific. The concept for the biennial’s identity is inspired by the theme of inter-island navigation. The logo, is a typographic interpretation of a chain of islands, and specifically references the diagonal orientation of the Hawaiian island chain. The graphic aspect of the identity is inspired by nautical maps, illustrating the graphic language of traveling between the Hawaiian islands (and other parts of the pacific) by sea. These navigational markings can manifest in many different ways during the course of the biennial.

Graphic Designer
Jon Sueda