Carol H. Williams and the Rejected Script

FCB Design Group

Entire video
Illustration of Leo Burnett with “How are you doing today?” typesetaround him
Illustration of Carol H. Williams with “Well they just rejected my script and.."
Expressive type that reads “Blah Blah Blah”
(Hello Carol)

When Carol H. Williams was a young creative at Leo Burnett, she wrote a script for Hungry Jack Biscuits titled, “ Uncle Henry”. The script was rejected and she was, in her words, “devastated… until a chance meeting changed everything.”

The two unique typographic treatments for each character amplify and complement Carol H. Williams’ narration through out the video. Each typeface frames the character’s tone, acting as an extension of the their experience in the moment of interaction.

It provides visual queues in relation to their state of emotion, while giving visual break and cadence from the animated illustrations.

FCB Global CCO
Susan Credle
FCB Global Chief Communications Officer
Brandon Cooke
FCB Chicago CCO
Liz Taylor
EVP, Production
Kerry Hill
EVP, Head of Design
Kevin Grady
Illustrator, Direction & Animation
So A Ryu
Direction & Animation
Brian Steckel
Direction & Animation
Michael McAfee
Executive Producer
Dan Delaney, Brian Braiker, Alfred Maskeroni, Judy Pollack, Max Sternlicht
Sound Design & Mix
Jason Ryan, Batsi Zesaguli
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