Type Wonderland - Breathing Type

Jessica Lee

Designers are mostly trained to design typography for two-dimensional surfaces and flat mediums versus an immersive environment: these are two fundamentally different challenges. The advent of new technology, Virtual Reality, would not only change the rules and function of typography in the mediums of yesterday, but also change the reading experience for the viewer. “Type Wonderland” is a total of 5 VR pieces that examine how 2D letterforms live, function, and interact with the viewer in VR, and also explores how dimensional type can experiment with conventional functions and interactions.

Most of the letters in "Breathing Type" are interactive and react to the pink dot, the gaze point. The letters L, E, and G of the word "Legible" serve to change the background. In order to change the background after hitting the letter E or G, placing the pink dot on the letter L resets the background. 

Jessica Lee
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