Tribeca Forward


Print marketing for Tribeca Film Festival, depicting the visual system of a film director's language that emerges from layered screenplay drafts.
Print marketing for Tribeca Film Festival, employing the campaign's visual mnemonic of layered screenplay drafts, to depict festival programming information.
One of many digital out-of-home screens in the Westfield commuter train station of lower Manhattan.
Digital marketing of festival programming, incorporating photography and event details within the campaign's visual language.
Entirely hand-made, stop motion 30-second promotion that preceded feature films in select NYC theaters, as well as all films featured in the festival programming.

A film festival known for showcasing the newest innovative works of film and experiences from artists around the world, in 2018 the Tribeca Film Festival aimed to inspire audiences to perceive daily life the way a visionary director would. Combining the technical language of screenplay writing with a colorful and energetic celebration of the powerful simplicity of ink on paper, Tribeca Forward presents a visual immediacy that will motivate and inspire audiences to explore the many experiences Tribeca Film Festival has to offer, assembling new ideas along the way to create their own empowering storyline, directed by them.

From the beginning, the campaign needed to communicate the energy of the collective festival programming with a consistent design language that would translate effectively through digital, print, and environmental marketing applications.

Art Director
Luke Williams
Art Director
Eduardo Palma
Art Director
Juan Miguel Marin
Art Director
Avni Jain
Design Team Manager
Jaime Fallon
Ali Fenwick
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Judges Choice: Renata Graw