the last...

Erik Grosskopf

A student take a photo of her response on the wall.
A response to the question "Who was the last person you lied to?".
An example of how people began to interact and reply to what other guests had written.
Guests step back to look at replies from afar.
The piece from afar. Over 2,000 sticky notes were used to cover the wall in the gallery.

The first thing I do in the morning is scroll through the notifications on my phone. I catch up on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter-even email-to see everything I missed…all while still in the zombie-like state of waking up. I'm not alone. Everyday we see dozens of pictures, posts, news stories, people etc. and we go about our day just so we can get through it and to the next one. But what is it that we are actually doing? Do you remember what you did a week ago? A day ago? Even just an hour ago?

the last... is an installation that takes the everyday yet often overlooked post-it, and uses it to get the audience to think about the everyday yet often overlooked moments that make up our week. There are a range of questions-from funny, to intimate, to random, to insightful-but they all make the viewer think back to these moments that we tend to overlook. Once the viewer picks out a question, they write their answer right on the wall. This project hopes to collect these moments, no matter how ordinary they may seem, and share them in a way that makes people think a little, while also creating a sense of engagement with the piece. So go ahead, try to remember the last…

Erik Grosskopf