Pen and Lens

TypeSphere front view.
TypeSphere profile. Notice the slant caused by the triangular build of the packaging. This allows more light into the front of the object illuminating the letterforms and interior.
TypeSphere front, vertical.
Packaging detail.

The TypeSphere project was created in pursuit of a Master of Graphic Design degree at the University of Illinois. It represents a collision of two thesis students' work, my own, and Nina Swiderski. My work is condusive to graphic design's ability to become an emblem of pride, such as Chicago's city flag, and Nina's has do do with multicultural appropriation of goods and packaging. The TypeSphere is a 3D printed summary of her thesis draft, set in Helvetica, the most appropriated typeface, to impose itself into the world and assume the qualities necessity of packaging. The package design is unique, made to be easily identifiable, and is covered in statistics about the essay it contains such as the basic character count and puncuation, but also unique data such as volumetric space and amount of material used. 

Kaleb Dean
Nina Swiderski