Touch Tones - Virgo on Virgo LP


Back cover of Touch Tones's Virgo on Virgo.
Screen-printed slip mat, 12" yellow vinyl, 4-color offset gloss LP cover
Cover atop folded slip mat to indicate materiality

Touch Tones is the Chicago-based studio project of musicians Jim Elkington and Nick Macri. Longtime veterans of the city’s independent live music community, they consider this project a “fake band”, in that the music originated in the studio and the group has no plans for live performances. They wanted the artwork for the album to reflect this idea in some way, so we took the concept of “fake” and ran with it. The artwork is obtuse, built form photographs of original graphics printed on silk. The results feel both solid and liquid, like a simulation created in the uncanny valley. The package  also includes a screen-printed slip mat that simulates the vinyl record. The resulting package has a nuanced tactile quality (glossy cover, fuzzy felt slip mat protruding from the cut center hole and uncoated dust jacket) that aims to add to compliment their wonderful fake music.

Art Director, Designer, Illustrator
Nadine Nakanishi
Art Director, Designer, Illustrator, Printer
Nick Butcher