NJP Virtual Museum (Nam June Paik Memorial House)


This video introduces the media <NJP Virtual Museum> made by Rebel9. In addition, it is a video designed to imagine the source of nostalgia and inspiration for Nam June Paik's hometown. This work is currently on display at the NJP Museum at the SEMA.

Nam June Paik’s Virtual Museum project is the place where you can browse through Paik’s history, exhibition history, artworks, records and other materials on Paik’s art and life data. Visitors sitting in front of an analog TV can choose materials using rotary dial and enjoy the digital world of Nam June Paik.

Virtual Museum contains 782 pieces of information and 425 pieces of image data. Nam June Paik, a citizen of the world, had been in 128 cities. First screen of Nam June Paik’s Virtual Museum shows us a video and audio of Nam June Paik’s performance on Fluxus, a radical avant-garde art movement. Nam June Paik’s Virtual Museum is designed as an open database which can be updated in future.

This project has been executed by Rebel9 in collaboration with Seoul Museum of Art(SeMA). NJP Virtual Museum is installed at Nam June Paik Memorial House in Seoul.

Junghwa Kim
Co-Director(Project Manager)
Sunhyuck Kim
Art Director
Jungwook Kim
Technical Director
Jungkyung Park
Jungmin Seol
UI Designer
Boram Jang
Project link