KKW-Posters 2016

Bureau David Voss

KKW-Poster April 2016
KKW-Poster May 2016
KKW-Poster January 2016

With posters for Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig (kkw) we tried to turn the process of transformation of an old building – a former powerplant – to an contemporary art space into a graphic language. This building has huge empty halls with dust, left overs and some huge stains of old oil. First exhibitions where right in the middle of it with minimum changes.

A Challenge for the serial concept of the posters was that the exhibitions had a wide range of formats. From solo to group shows and even two shows in the same time with different titles can happen there. So we decided that big figures of dates would be best as main signature of typographic concept, because they had to be on each poster for sure. All additional info should fill the gaps.

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