Fool Time Job


The opening part of Michael Rock's essays quotation. Here as a preview of a print data for the "Fool time job" installation.
Installation view
Installation view
Detail view of a poster in "Fool time job" installatoin.
Silkscreen poster, part of installation.

"Fool time job" is a type-based installation created for the gallery Culture Factory Armaturka (Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic) during the winter 2016/17. I used about dozen of my typefaces in the state of process (unfinished yet) to make a whole room typo-wallpaper installation, quoting an extract of Michael Rock's essay "On Beauty"(publshed as a part of "Multiple Signature").

Beside or behind an apparent form of the installation, there are two important topics. First, the presence of 'baroque' tension in contemporary visual language (as Michael Rock states). Second, the name of the instalation "Fool time job" paraphrases the liquid, seeming endless and permanently updated nature of graphic design and visual flow. Typefaces in development were used to put the installation together and to come up with question: Isn't the 'finishedness' a quite polemic term in a nowadays visual / graphic design dictionary?

For 100 STA, 2017, Pavel Frič, Studio Monsters, Czech Republic

"Fool time Job" installation credits:
Concept and typography – Pavel Frič
Curator of Culture Factory Armaturka – Dana Zikmundová
Installation crew – Pavel Frič, Michaela Labudová, Čač Javůrková
Documentation / photography: Jiří Dvořák

Concept, Type Design
Pavel Frič (monsters)
Coauthor, Installation Crew
Michaela Labudová (monsters)
Installation Crew
Kateřina Javůrková
Documentation, Photo
Jiří Dvořák
Silkscreen Print
Mr. Limr