Chicago Symphony Orchestra MusicNOW Series


STEVE REICH'S 80TH BIRTHDAY honors the legendary composer and his technique of phasing rhythms over time.
ILLUMINATING BOULEZ is a tribute to the legendary French composer Pierre Boulez.
ON THE EDGE OF SILENCE concert features the world premiere of a violin concerto by Ogonek.
EAR TAXI FESTIVAL celebrates Chicago composers with a collage of architectural photography taken on a cellphone.

MusicNOW is a series of new music concerts curated by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Mead Composers-in-Residence Samuel Adams and Elizabeth Ogonek. Thirst created unique illustrations for each concert along with a graphic system for flyers, digital advertisements and on-screen content within the venue. Posters were created to commemorate each performance, expertly crafted by Graphic Arts Studio and Artistry Engraving.

John Pobojewski
Kyle Green