One Remix

Carnegie Mellon University

This video is a trailer of my remix screen which is exhibited in the special exhibition at Typojanchi 2015 (Seoul, KR). Commissioned by Adrian Shaughnessy, this work is a remix of all elements of the exhibition, including essays written by Shaughnessy and banner-posters created by six young graphic designers who are recent graduates from RCA.

The remix is my interpretation of the publication and banners that centralizes on the notion of disjunction in junction, a visual language that both unearths and forms the relation between the six cities: Los Angeles, Mexico City, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, London. A statement for this project is included in my short essay, ‘Tension and Balance’. See Shim, Kyuha, ‘Tension and Balance’, in: <Six Images, Six Texts, One Remix: The Urban Typographic Apotheosis>, ed. by Adrian Shaughnessy (Seoul, 2015), 74-5. (Back cover and Illustration Interludes, by Kyuha Shim)

Kyuha Shim