Hankook Coffee

DAEKI & JUN Studio

This is a series of posters for a coffee brand named Hankook Coffee to promote their brand.

Hankook Coffee is a company selling coffee in the Korean market by importing the best specialty coffee (specialty coffee; the highest-quality green coffee beans) which has been rated as one of the top seven percent of a-grade coffee beans in the world since 1992. To represent the top seven percent of a-grade, we visualized coffee in Diagram using the form of coffee drops. In addition, these Infographic posters are showing in what way Hankook Coffee picks out, imports, processes the level-best grade coffee beans by directly visiting a coffee plantation to provide coffee to Korean consumers, and what sorts of diverse coffee flavors Hankook Coffee is dealing with.

So, this project focused on researching and analyzing all information covering from the process of cultivation and production of coffee beans to transportation, roasting, and distribution process to consumers. The overall design challenge of this project might be how to give the consumers who don’t have much knowledge of coffee to easily understand how coffee beans are cultivated, selected and produced to be distributed to consumers by unravelling every aspect visually through this project. In addition, this process should be shown without any lie and omission, so we had to represent it persuasively and visually with more deliberation.

Client: Hankook Coffee
Size Each: 420mm x 594mm / 16.5 inch x 23.4 inch
Art Director: Daeki Shim & Hyojun Shim
Designer: Daeki Shim & Hyojun Shim
Intern Designer: Seoeun Kim & Junyoung Shin
*Color: Pantone 871U (Gold) + Black

Daeki Shim
Hyojun Shim