Happening Studio

Los Angeles

We are shaping tomorrow’s diverse cultures.

Happening Studio is an international design practice led by Karen Nakada and Masato Nakada. Since 2014, we have guided fruitful discussions, developed playful strategies, and produced surprising outcomes for an array of visionary organizations. We utilize inventive identity design as the foundation for a wide range of engaging content—from screen-based experiences to tactile printed ephemera.

Our compelling insights as a woman-owned, BIPOC company, and our transformative experiences living in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Zurich, Dallas, and Los Angeles, provide us with a responsive, multicultural prospective that informs each dimension of our creative process. From 2019 to 2022, we worked remotely from three different continents, in order to continue broadening the scope of our professional practice and research. Now based in Los Angeles, we have solidified our nimble, personalized process for showcasing vibrant ideas in dynamic global environments and site-specific local landscapes. Our efficient implementation strategies allow us to serve as effective facilitators between in-house design teams, marketing departments, and high-level stakeholders.