NYC Postcard Generator

Postcards designed to look like what NYC sounds.
Talking postcards come in varying shapes and sounds
How it works
The generator allows free and unlimited postcards, with no two ever being exactly the same.
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'Love Letter from NYC', is a love letter to NYC and its invisible signifier—its vibrant soundscape. Featuring audio-reactive type as the central motif, this series of "talking postcards" connects the city's quintessential humdrum to people they're addressed to. Realtime recordings of the subway, sirens, crowds and more are visualized through 4 New York City-specific associations—Racket, Babble, Spiderweb, and Skyscraper. This participatory generator is equal parts creator, user, and city. The randomized arrangement of the letters ensures that no two postcards will ever be the same—sent out uniquely yet connected to others born of it.

There is no shortage of postcard concepts that embody the big apple. What could be revealed in this new collection that can't already be found amid the souvenir shops of Times Square? While the city’s skyline, landmarks, and people often grace the front of this timeless traveling ephemera, we have an opportunity to reveal not what is seen but what is heard. I intend for this project to be open-ended and community-driven; defined more by how it is interacted with than by what I meant for it to be.

Designer + Coder
Shristi Singh
Junicode Typeface (SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1)
Peter S. Baker
Nimbus Sans L Bold (GNU General Public License)
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