Slow & Low 2023 Festival


"I'd like marigolds to fall upon us," Slow & Low co-curator, Lauren M. Pacheco, said during our kickoff. Working alongside the event's curators, we evolved the identity we designed for last year's festival by aligning it with their new vision. They spoke of offering a feeling of celebration and refinement. Vivid, dimensional marigolds now fall across images from Slow & Low's renowned photographers. The juxtaposition creates a dreamscape aesthetic. Marigolds are an important symbol, given their prominence throughout Chicano and lowrider culture, symbolizing a celebration of faith, life, and death. For our typographic palette, we looked to the cars, then customized Lucas Sharp and Wei Huang's Respira, a typeface inspired by blackletter found in ancient manuscripts and the plaques within each lowrider. This is a nod to the omnipresent role of faith within the community. The supportive typeface is Miguel Reyes's graceful Canela, which, like lowriders, defies traditional classifications.

Design Director, Designer
Nick Adam
Cheryl Kao