On the InBetween

Spark Creative Co.

On the InBetween is an exploration of the liminal space of impermanence and transition. Human existence is arguably a series of transitions that shift our understanding of home, shelter, security, and permanence. We have all experienced change. Whether brief or long-lasting, a state of flux can be disorienting and uncomfortable.

My personal experience living between two different states for a number of years and dealing with life-threatening illnesses has forced me to become comfortable in the liminal spaces between two extremes; health/sickness, Michigan/Illinois, home/away. Rather than exploring one of these points, my thesis examines them all.

On the InBetween invites the viewer to recognize inbetween spaces and consider the transitory nature of their own life, identity, place, and home.

Mariah Slenk
Thesis Advisor
Pedro Neves