Shakthi Hari N V

Loomed with Love
Typography designed using the cells in Google Spreadsheet
Application as a poster
Application as a tote bag
Application as posters

In this 3-panel poster series, I communicate what 'Home' means to me.

Hailing from a family of handloom artisans in Tamil Nadu(India), I grew up waking up to the beautiful sound produced from our handlooms everyday. The handloom shuttle, with its rhythmic motion and timeless craftsmanship, is my portal to a sense of cozy nostalgia, forever linked to the comforts of home. Its gentle clatter and precise movements evoke fond memories of my familial artisans’ skilled hands at work, weaving the fabric of our family's traditions.

The idea of using Google Spreadsheets as my tool to design the typography fascinated me since it resembled the perforated jaquard that we use to define the silk patterns. The posters were printed on 16 x 16 inch sheets and exhibited at the Brown Center Hallway at MICA.

Shakthi Hari N V
Jennifer Cole Phillips
Jeff Glendenning
Bendito Mockup