Chicago Public Library's 150th Anniversary

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Various pieces of print collateral including posters, bookmarks, postcards, and limited edition library cards.
Symbolism throughout the Chicago Public Library's 150th anniversary logo.
Streetlight banners outside the Lincoln Park library branch.
A limited edition library card.

2023 marked a big milestone for the Chicago Public Library: their 150th anniversary. To celebrate, The Library commissioned a logo and identity to reflect the history that shaped today's institution.

It was important to show that the Chicago Public Library represents far more than just books, so we composed an illustrated mark from historical scenes, monumental branches, and programming. We built this system modularly so that the illustrations could be taken apart and put pack together for different compositions. The logo will be used across CPL's 81 branches through the end of the year.

This project was done in collaboration with Digital Pollen Collective, the Chicago Public Library, and the Chicago Public Libary Foundation.

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