This Might Be The Place

Sara Austin

Spread 1, reminiscing on the early internet blogs and the lyrics to This Must Be The Place by the Talking Heads.
Spread 2, remembering early 2000's one hit wonders and the language of yearbooks and AIM.
Spread 3, re-framing the language of movie tickets and reflecting on the unsure nature of memory
Spread 4, a representation of a fleeting childhood period and the character set for Millennial serif.
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Nostalgia and memory often presents in our mind as clear, but in reality, the things we remember are necessarily influenced by our present tastes and our life experiences. "This Might Be The Place" is a type specimen for Millennial Serif, an experimental single-weight typeface. Millennial Serif draws from the tradition of experimental and bombastic 90's type and seeks to represent nostalgia as an unclear communication between past and present, rather than a perfect recreation of our past lives.

Shiva Nallaperumal