Eremenko Visual Communication

Close up view. One colour layer
Close up view. Solid colours overprint. Two colour layers
Close up view. Solid colours overprint. Three colour layers
Posters in the interior

The initial idea for these posters came from the Latin oratorical phrase (Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed) pronounced by Cato the Censor, a politician of the Roman Republic. Basically, in every moment of global history many countries invented their own “Carthage.” Thought being born in the leader’s mind transformed into sublime pathetic speeches which have to bring only goods for civilisation. But usually, all of this camouflaged totally different goals and intentions.

The poster series consists of three items. Each layer symbolises a time period in the history line. There is a sort of multiplication of meaning from the first to the final one.

Posters from the series “Change the Word. Creativity Against Destruction.”

Konstantin Eremenko
Bureau Mayak