Amalgam Journal (Issue #3)

Studio Pouya Ahmadi

Amalgam #3: Table of Contents
Amalgam #3: Editorial Note
Amalgam #3: Entry Point by Shiraz Gallab
Amalgam #3: The Concrete vs the Structural by Ben Duval
Amalgam #3: The Artist as Networker by Mindy Seu

Amalgam is an ad hoc journal that explores the intersection of typography, language, and power through transdisciplinary projects and speculative proposals from invited contributors organized around thematic propositions. It traces contemporary discourses around typographic manifestations of multiplicity, hybridity, intersectionality, and identity. It brings together a group of artists and designers thinking together across disciplinary boundaries about the mutability of language, the instability of communication, and the prospects for equitable futures.

Designer and Editor
Pouya Ahmadi
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