All Eternity


All Eternity is an expressive typographic calendar designed by our studio and distributed as client gifts to kick off the year. Conceptually, the calendars focus on time, with each month typographically depicting a saying or famous quotation about the value and importance of time.

These calendars were distributed in conjunction with notice that we were reducing our business hours and phasing out some services. We made this change to encourage better work/life balance for our designers and felt it was important to frame this transition to our clients to express how and why this shift would benefit everyone involved. This approach turned an otherwise routine and potentially concerning announcement into an opportunity to discuss and reflect on shared values.

The calendar is printed on 17 pt cover, with black front and back cover sheets giving it a minimal but substantial feel. To protect the piece's integrity during mailing, we placed them in matching custom canvas drawstring bags.

The response from our clients and collaborators was overwhelmingly positive.

Anna Jacobs
Molly Lebermann