2023 Creative Planner

Topping Consulting

Front cover.
Inside quote for the chapter page for the Notes section.
Back Cover
Spine detail.

This is a double-sided passion project. Each year we use a planner as an excuse and a canvas to be experimental in our creative process. Our planner pages have evolved into functional pages for our need to be organized creatives, with spaces for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goal setting. Most importantly - it contains sketch and note pages for all the other stuff.

After over 10 years of evolving into planners, this is now the 4th volume of the hardcover versions. As for design, I created something that is motivated by nothing other than my playing around in design. Each year is very different. This design concept is solely inspired by my printer's error page that came out when trying to print something on a very tight deadline.

Deanne Topping
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