You Are A(nti) Racist (Design as Protest Collective's Anti-Racist Design Justice Index Newspaper)

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The Design Justice Demands.
Anti-Racist Design Justice Index (ARDJI), primer.
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DAP Collective, are you with us?

Design as Protest (DAP) is a collective of designers mobilizing strategy to dismantle the privilege and power structures that use architecture and design as tools of oppression.

Co-organized by BIPOC designers, we exist to hold our profession accountable in reversing the violence and injustice that architecture, design, and urban planning practices have inflicted upon Black people and communities. Design as Protest champions the radical vision of racial, social, and cultural reparation through the process and outcomes of design.

The first published piece by DAP, You Are A(nti) Racist serves as a primer to our organization and values. The 16-page oversized broadsheet publication is also a tool to help put the Anti-Racist Design Justice Index into action, complete with case studies, a deep dive into how to use the index paired with scenarios and guiding questions, and how-to guides. It serves as a widely accessible resource for those in practices, professional organizations, local government, academic institutions as well as grassroots organizers, students, and more.

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