The Twelve Alphabet

Starshaped Press

Close up of A
C page
M page
Close up of O
Close up of X

The Twelve Alphabet is a letterpress printed abecedarium constructed entirely of 12 point metal type and ornament. Every sort in the book must have 12 points along at least one side. The book measures 12x12”, with one letter (and a final ampersand) on each page (recto only). Each form was printed in two split fountain ink passes for subtle gradations in the letterforms. It includes a title page and colophon, and is screw post bound with a wraparound cover.

The Twelve Alphabet was a self-initiated artist book with the intent to push the limited parameters of working with a strict set of measurements to explore original letterforms that could exist outside the canon of traditional letterpress type.

Designer, Typesetter, Printer
Jennifer Farrell