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The Open Workshop is a multidisciplinary design workshop focused on critically re-examining the concept of an open work, first posited by Umberto Eco in 1962. With expertise ranging from architecture to urban design, The Open Workshop uses a multidisciplinary approach to provide innovative, project-specific design solutions.

Designed collaboratively between Some All None, Hour, and The Open Workshop, the website presents OWS’s archive in a flat hierarchy with varying ways to sort, display, and browse content. As a means to highlight and activate OWS’s mission to consider architecture’s agency in the redistribution of power, the website’s own architecture (or sitemap) is the sole navigational and organizational system. Additionally, the site’s home page includes mouse tracking functionality that creates a unique visual log of the visitor’s activity on the site, referencing the desire paths found in urban environments while also suggesting playful interpretations of the visitor’s own cursory attention.

With an understanding that the purpose of the website is to connect the public to, and showcase the work and writing of OWS; the site’s concept considers ‘showcasing’ to be more than archival documentation and intends to exemplify—or put into practice—the ethos itself.

The Open Workshop
Designer, Developer, Hour Studio
Tobey Albright
Designer, Developer, Hour Studio
Mollie Edgar
Designer, Some All None
Jeremiah Chiu
Founding Principal, The Open Workshop
Neeraj Bhatia
Associate, Representation Lead, The Open Workshop
Cesar A. Lopez
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