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Jason Pontin—former editor of the MIT Tech Review, amongst other prestigous publications—desired an online home to archive and present his vast catalog of content.

One Design crafted a powerfully conceptual brand language for the polymath, combining an endlessly evolving array of illustration—created to represent his wide range of interests and areas of expertise—with an unabashedly confident toolkit of sans serif typography and rich color.

His new digital home became an homage to the printed page, leveraging graphic layering and editorial sensibility to create a rich, engaging, and supremely navigable reading experience online.

Abigail Jackson
Research Lead, Strategist
Alibaster McDonald
Director of Design and Strategy
David Sieren
Erick Morales
Associate Creative Director, Interactive
Michael Mesker
Associate Creative Director, Brand
Stacey Donaldson
Associate Creative Director, Interactive; Developer
Mike McMillan
Project Manager
Stacey Shintani
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