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Inspired by nature, perfected by science to enhance human health.

Double Rainbow’s vision is to harness 500 million years of natural evolution to uncover, through bioengineering, the keys to improve the quality of human health while ensuring our planet’s sustainability.

Our brand identity—a simple, elegant mix of clever typography, photography, and color—balances a deep reverence for the natural world, with the precision and focus of modern technology and bioscience.

The elegantly refined wordmark counterbalances the mystic qualities of the name “Double Rainbow,” while the color palette symbolizes the act of mimicking the compounds in nature that heal. Blurred imagery of the natural world—plants, bacteria, and fungi—further alludes to the act of chemical translation made possible by the company’s innovations in bioengineering.

Director of Design and Strategy
David Sieren
Account Strategist
James Johnston
Brand Strategist
Liz Olson
Associate Creative Director
Kyle Meyer
Associate Creative Director
Stacey Donaldson
Associate Creative Director, Interactive
Mike McMillan
Senior Content Strategist
Melinda Benoit
Project Manager
Lauren Orlofsky
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