Who We Are: Visualizing NYC by the Numbers

Isometric Studio

The 2020 U.S. Census is of critical importance to New York City, particularly given the threat of an undercount among minority and undocumented populations. The Museum of the City of New York invited us to collaborate on an exhibition that leverages the work of leading artists and designers to translate census data into an interactive, immersive experience. The centerpiece is a monumental, acrylic “X”—referring to the simple mark of self-identification on a census form. The “X” is designed to display projections and prints in luminous suspension. It forms a translucent surface that evokes simultaneous experiences of exposure and privacy—a carrier for data art that translates millions of human stories into metaphorical representations of immigration origins, economic disparities, and networks of intimacy. The result is a collective portrait of the city that engages civic responsibility through aesthetic delight.

Waqas Jawaid
Andy Chen
Design Director
Eleni Agapis
Graphic Designer
Hannah Meng
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