Valo Health

One Design Company

Valo is a new type of health-focused technology company, uniting human and machine intelligence aiming to accelerate the creation of life-changing treatments.

We developed a positioning strategy, name, identity system, and digital platform for this radically new healthcare organization.

The minimal Valo “lens” mark symbolizes their ability to see deeper into the complexity of human health than ever-before possible. Simple in form, but complex in interactive possibility, the core identity adapts beautifully to the digital space to play a critical role in communication design and data visualization.

Director of Design and Strategy
David Sieren
Brand Strategist
Liz Olsen
Design Lead, Brand
Kyle Meyer
Chris Malven
Creative Director; Design Lead Interactive
Becky Sanders
Copywriting, Strategy
Aimee Lehto Schewe
Project Manager
Andrea Miller
Copywriter, Strategist
Bianca Smith
Copywriter, Strategist
Nora Dyer
Brian Hanson
Katie Mazikins
Michael Mesker
Nick Rissmeyer
Ted Flynn
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