Span Graphic Identity


Variations on the logo created by every member of the studio. They were made using cut paper, photography, projection, 3D Rendering, hand-drawing, coding, and animation.
Each designer was encouraged to make expressions that represented their personal interests and favorite forms of making.
The identity system is completed with a custom variable font designed by Bud Rodecker and Nick Adam, with variations between Thin – Regular – Bold, Extended – Expanded, and Cowboy.

Everything is different but nothing has changed. John Pobojewski and Bud Rodecker lead the Span team in developing a new visual identity that features a visual palette that reflects our creative energy. Our greatest strength is in each other and we catalyze sparks as we create together.

Design Direction, Strategy, and Typeface Design
Bud Rodecker
Design Direction and Strategy
John Pobojewski
Design, and Typeface Design
Nick Adam
Zach Minnich
Suzie Shin
Design and Photography
Leah Wendzinski
Alyssa Arnesen