Sisak Ironworks

Sensus Design Factory

Exhibition catalog, opening spreads.
Exhibition catalog, spreads.
Exhibition catalog, spreads.
Exhibition catalog, spreads and back cover.

DASK (The State Archives in Sisak) is a regional state archive institution located in Sisak, Croatia and a subsidiary of Croatian national archives. In addition to preserving the material and archival fonds related to the town of Sisak and the surrounding area, as a part of its activities DASK regularly organizes thematic exhibitions dedicated to the historical, economic and industrial heritage of the Sisak region.

The catalog accompanying the exhibition 'Sisak Ironworks' tells a story of one of the Sisak's industrial giants, once highly appreciated and successful, and now defunct.

Bold and strong typographical treatment has been inspired by the theme itself. The exhibition title is divided through the opening spreads complementing the archival photos of factory motifs. Huge letter fragments of the section subtitles enrich the illustrational/photographical dividing spreads and contrast with the meticulous and delicate treatment of body text, photo captions and footnotes.

Design Firm
Sensus Design Factory
DASK - State Archives in Sisak
Exhibition Author
Dario Franic
Project Coordinator
Nela Kusanic
Art Director
Nedjeljko Spoljar
Kristina Spoljar
Nedjeljko Spoljar
Nedjeljko Spoljar
Exhibition Setup
Dario Vlahovic
Technical Assistance
Natasa Bilicic