The iComfort iC1 Kicks

Leo Burnett Department of Design

The iComfort iC1 is a limited-edition sneaker made from Serta iComfort mattress materials. It was designed to solve the challenge of engaging with a new generation of consumers who don’t shop at mattress stores. To get them to experience a Serta mattress, we partnered with legendary sneaker designer DJ Clark Kent to create a revolutionary new way to try one: on your feet.

The “iC1” is a nod to the iComfort materials in every pair, designed to faithfully recreate the cooling sensation and comfort of a Serta mattress. Each pair was hand-numbered and came with custom packaging that included a fleece shoe bag, numbered livestock tag and a lengthy ‘Do Not Remove’ label resembling those found on new mattresses.

The packaging for the shoe was inspired by the most iconic symbol of the brand, the Serta sheep. Partnering with Makr, we created a custom fleece bag to protect the limited-edition sneakers, attaching a laser-etched livestock ear tag (featuring our custom typeface, Ovis) to each of the 300 units.

Ovis has unique letterforms that were inspired by Serta’s iconic sheep (Ovis in Latin) and the cumulus clouds they often appear on, a visual metaphor for the comfort of a Serta mattress. After reducing the sheep and cloud forms to circular clusters, a grid was applied to construct the alphabet, numerals and special characters. This approach resulted in a unique visual identity resembling lo-fi digital graphics, tying Serta and the iC1 to the sneaker culture that inspired it.

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