Rick Valicenti

rickvalicenti.com was a body of work created in the first four months of 2020 intended to revisit that creative verve I had long ignored. I also wanted to stretch in ways I have often longed to pursue.

In doing so, I consciously adopted the persona of a post mid-life producer at a midwest rural public access TV station propelled with super high ideals, yet anchored with an unfair low budget working with a staff of incredibly talented, underpaid, over excited gig workers. What a thrill.

All of this work dealt with the existential themes of time and change. Unbeknownst at the onset, these themes would transcend the personal and relate with a global pandemic crisis angst.

Judge them one at a time or as a suite for it’s binge watching on a much less ubiquitous platform.

Rick Valicenti
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