Gorky expirience

Kurt studio

A series of posters is part of the new installation of the Russian artist Artem Filatov "Gorky expirience".

The object that imitates a real ticket booth refers to the toponymy associated with the pseudonym of the famous writer Maxim Gorky. In Russian, 'gorky' may mean as bitter refer to hard life experience.

Nizhny Novgorod was renamed the city of Gorky during the writer's lifetime. Many institutions, events and festivals continue to bear his name even now.

The contradictory figure of Maxim Gorky, rushing between two polarities, becomes the basis for an alternative reality in which all movie announcements, tourist trips and music concerts are part of a complex biography of the writer.

The posters are based on Gorky's relationship with the Russian peasantry, the story of Derenkov's bakery with an underground library, the charity cafe "Столбы" and Christmas trees for orphans organized by the writer, materials from the "Clinical archive of genius and giftedness", ideas of God — building, as well as of Gorky's essays about Solovki and jazz ("music for the fat mans").

Idea / Artist
Artem Filatov
Designer / Photographer
Jenya Shtein
Designer / Photographer
Egor Shaklunov
Roman Shtein
Naming / Sign design
Ivan Seriy
Aleksandr Ignatushko