Foxtrot: Good Stuff Delivered Campaign

Leo Burnett Department of Design

Foxtrot Market is a fixture for delivery. Founded in 2013, Foxtrot is working to reinvent the corner store model by combining brick-and-mortar community spaces alongside an on-demand delivery business. Despite Covid-19, the company says it has more than doubled its year-over-year revenue from January to May compared to the year prior.

When we were tasked with making the cool kid on the block, less quiet and more direct with how they were speaking to their audience, we looked internally at their visual language of iconography and humor to expand on an already recognizable and energetic world. People knew Foxtrot was all about a diverse selection of goods, but their business problem was more in lines with the unknowns of their delivery capabilities, as well as WHAT they delivered. The answer is everything they have in the physical store. Our campaign banner-call “GOOD STUFF DELIVERED” did a lot of justice for a lot of stuck-at-home people.

EVP Head of Design
Alisa Wolfson
VP Design Director
Kyle Poff
SVP Design Director
Alex Fuller
Senior Designer
Jacob Etter
Pete Lefebvre
Ryan Stotts
Randy Rogers
Account Executive
Sarah Kaminsky
Account Executive
Kyle Kotz