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Using posters as short forms to introduce the thesis project to the audiences.
The thesis book consists of two parts. Part I is East-Asian Typography Atlas while Part II is Thesis Process. The final book will be crafted with a do-si-do binding technique. The form is a representation of the coexisting relationship between these
The thesis project is not only offering a series of references but also seeking to offer tools including type measurements ruler.
An online website
The conceptual packaging could be seen as a derivative of the thesis. It is proving that East-Asian typography and Latin typography can live harmoniously. It also criticizes the role of packaging in this highly-globalized world we live in.

East-West/West-East is an MFA graphic design thesis project. After knowing the situation that there is a lack of accessibility and clarity on East-Asian typography knowledge for a broader range of audiences, the thesis project aims to research and design a series of references on how to use East-Asian typography and Latin typography.

While at a macro level, notions of globalization and nationalism are shifting between the two over time. Cross-culture communications in our daily life scenario are still unstoppable. Among those communications, the dialogue between East-Asia and the west is one of the driven forces. To raise the accessibility, clarity, and appropriate uses of East-Asian typography and Latin typography is needed. The resources and references shall be decentralized. It should not only limit to certain practitioners and scholars but also open to a broader and even younger audience.

The results are executed through items that can often be seen daily. Those deliverables include a book, a series of informational posters, a teaser motion, a typographical ruler, an online reference website, a series of conceptual packaging designs.

Thesis Instructor
Sean Adams
Thesis Instructor
Gerardo Herrera
Yi Mao
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