AIGA Salt Lake City 100 Show

Afton Klein Group

Exterior wayfinding and branding
Website design and development
AR poster installation
Animated AR posters
Brochure/poster takeaway

The 100 Show is an annual exhibition showcasing the year’s top design projects, hosted by the Salt Lake City chapter of AIGA. We designed the identity of the 2020 exhibition with a typographic treatment that expanded into a dynamic visual system. The core piece of the system was the “100” lockup, represented by a black square and two circles, which animated into various experimental forms. These dynamic forms showcase the artfulness of the design discipline and the variety of the winning entries. The exhibit also a featured poster installation, designed as an AR experience, where patrons could view the posters animate through their personal screens. Due to COVID restrictions, the organization replaced the annual gala with a week-long gallery-style space including limited entry, facial covering requirements, and social distancing measures to ensure a safe experience for all.

Art Director, Designer
Mike Daines
Orlando Porras
Eli Domery
Syd Gundersen
Zach Frazier
Conrad Klooster
Web Developer
Kaden Hendron
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