United We Dream Rebrand

linh nguyen

Wooden stamp with logo.
Marketing collateral.
Phone cases.
Tshirt expressions.
Social feed example.

United We Dream is a youth activist group focused on immigration rights and reform. Since inception, The United We Dream Network has put immigrants at the forefront of their organization. Their bold and bright aesthetic parallels with the vibrancy and passion showcased through their initiatives, however inconsistency in their branding causes confusion in navigating the organization. 

For this project, I did a complete rebrand of the organization to provide one cohesive look that can be carried throughout different channels. The logo I developed for United We Dream strikes a balance between ideas of diversity and Americana. The varied letterforms along with the elongated “E,” representing the American flag, parallels with the idea of what it truly means to be living in America in present day. I chose this direction to challenge the ethos of the “American Dream,” since much of the country’s current economic and social prosperity is due to immigrant contribution.

The logo is complimented with script expressions, taking inspiration from handwritten rally posters, to bring the activist tone to life through merch, signage, and social posts.

designer/art director
linh nguyen
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