LEO Moments


Logo created for the campaign.
Sticker packs sent out to participants.
Social posts designed to spread awareness and encouragement.
Website allows people to share and see posts.
Social post.

Today’s world is filled with complex and difficult issues that are hard to fully understand. LEO has curated a collection of resources, stories, and thoughts about current issues that affect all of us. LEO invites you to learn, empathize, and expand your knowledge in the following ways: develop strong empathy skills; participate in open and honest dialogue; perform positive acts of service.

LEO is a welcoming community, a voice of understanding and positivity. If you are passionate about making the world a better place, LEO invites you to join them in promoting positive social activism and acts of kindness. Each day LEO’s website features someone who has helped spread the movement one act of love at a time. If you need inspiration, LEO Stickers can provide the spark you need. Some ideas include: compliment someone (but don’t be a creep); call your loved ones; open the door for someone.

Creative Director
Justin Ahrens
Senior Designer
Edwin Carter
Motion Tactic
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