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EtE is a project by Tommaso Evangelista in collaboration with the art magazine Segno. A series of interviews aimed at spreading the thoughts and reflections of some of the most interesting artists of the Italian national territory.

The interviews are casual and fast and carried out remotely through the exchange of amateur videos, which take place in different places, showing the artist in a human context in his everyday life.

The mark represents the link between the two people present in the interviews, illustrated by connecting the initials of the word “End”. The line that unites the two parts is designed to recall the number 2, with similar pronunciation as the word “to”. The typeface used for the logo and the tagline is the sans serif, modern, geometric and fast reading. It is used in all communication materials with different sizes and weights to define hierarchy and movement.

The choice of colors changes for each artist: when the base color is identified  the other one will be its opposite. Black and white, yellow and blue, and so on.

Creative Director/Designer
Luca Pontarelli
Concept/Art Critic
Tommaso Evangelista
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